Glass eyes on the way down burn me wishes from the sky wet my
Cheeks please take away this sobbing I just want my angel to hold
Me glass eyes burn deep and you watch me cry please don't let me
Fade don't make me scream to you Dear god, I've been so sick a
Ghastly fucked figure hooves sprained spine cursed jagged scales
Blackened skin a fever as I awoke and my lungs puke life's wind,
You kiss me goodbye and oh it's burning again. And that song he
Sings kills me and that wind carries you well and me, I've fallen
Away keep laughing and smiling it's the sound of you that makes
This illness be gone so will you just watch me die while my angel is
Folding no don't you turn from me don't you turn until my heart
Beats again until you love me again Dear god, blow me that kiss
Wave at me your smile speak to me that jasper hint as if all the
While I was anything or everything or that beautiful song you sing of
Every fallen posy you've loved I am your only seed.
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Blowing Kisses Lyrics

Twelve Tribes – Blowing Kisses Lyrics