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One Hand Killing Lyrics

Twelve Foot Ninja – One Hand Killing Lyrics

Now put your money
Where your mouth is,
You have the method
But will you move mountains?
This has become quite a vehicle
With no room for aggrandized egos,
You have adapted to the role
Your portrayal betrays your soul,
Wherever you may go,
May your heart remain your home

I can see the sequence,
Trans-human influence,
I maintain observance,
Focused on radiance,
You remain in silence,
Language omniscient,
I renounce the violence,
Devoid of intelligence.

They back you into the corner,
Provoked your will,
From the brink,
Your return to them stronger,
Hear it when you’re willing,
The sound of one hand killing.

You are being hunted,
Subject to summoning a landslide,
You have adultered the altar,
Of a faceless,
Serpentine-coil of a riddle,
As you can imagine,
They are pulling every last stop,
You will not falter,
You offer to the people consistently,
Caught in the middle.

I’ll send for you,
When the coast is clear,
(How long will I be waiting, waiting),
Climbing up to the top,
Gonna meet you there,
(How long will I be waiting, waiting),
For you!!

Up on your feet,
Darling dear,
May the gods guide you right back here,
Without you here,
It’s not home,
May you find what you’re looking for,
An inner peace,
The infinite,
May it burn through your deepest fear,
Without punch,
There’s no show,
May you hold them accountable.
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