(Andy Sears)

Charade, caprice
Risque, Affectedly chic
En role, 'Au Naturel'
The show is over--
On with the show

As the make-up breaks up
Out of the crack, charisma flows
Look at the face, look at the face
Look at the, Look at the, Look l, l, l...

A gilt/guilt disguise
Belies a silvery tongue
Undone,--and after all--
Well, it's hard,--
The light's in your eyes!

You'll never believe theatre
The lies and deceit--Theatre

We go too far
Never content with who we are
Look at the face, look at the face
Look at the, look at the, look l, l, l...

We laugh, we feel
So nice and none of it real
It's all unnatural
A tragic performance--
Tears in my eyes

Don't ever believe theatre
The lights and the dreams--theatre

Row to row, there they go,--count them in
They go,--"oh, oh, oh, no, no, oh no
No way, no way, no, no, no way--no! "--

Be gone--Home!
Be gone,--

I'd rather be with the lights in my eyes
Than out in the dark--
With you

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