Midnight sky come and swallow the light
And you can stay as long as you like
When no days go by
I take my chances I ain’t gonna repent
Cos I’ve been tired again and again
All the good things end

I watch you strive while I’m not coping
I just wanna hide beneath the black sky
Don’t know the truth when all I’m told are lies
Hands that touch you when you’re golden
They will crush you till you’re broken
I can’t close my wide open eyes
We’ll hide in plain sight

I can hear those warning sirens
Echo in the words you say
They echo in the silence
But my mistakes are made
So don’t accuse me of ignoring
I don’t think I need informing
It’s my mind it’s not yours to make

I watch you striving and you wonder why
I wanna hide beneath the black sky
Can’t tell the truth when all I know are lies
Hands that clap you when you’re soaring
They won’t catch you when you’re falling
I’ll stand here just like a soldier
We’ll hide in plain sight
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Plain Sight Lyrics

Tut Tut Child – Plain Sight Lyrics