Uh-huh, you understand, this for all the niggas
That's out there drugging you understand
I ain't hating on you niggas, I feel y'all pain man
And it's like this here, just peep this song out nigga
It's real, cause I done been through it
And I done left it alone

I understand now, I'm a grown man now
I was out there dog, no more dope in the bangs now
I done been through it, and I know what it's like
When you can't get no sleep, on a all night flight
Not worrying bout shit, not a god damn thang
All you want is that hit, and to hear that ring
I know it's hard dog, it ain't easy to quit
When that monkey on your back, nigga need that shit
You got to feed that bitch, cause he gon straight blues you
Get that noise out you, especially if you a shooter
I know you filthy, don't lie tell the truth
The shit you hearing, sound like I'm talking bout you
But I'm just keeping it real, telling it like it is
This shit ain't just started, been going on for years
And I'm sick of, shit killing us slow
I'm a grown man, and I don't want it no mo'

See what you niggas doing, I done been through that
From weed to coke, to that shit they call smack
And I ain't gon lie, that shit done broke my back
I done left it alone, and I ain't going back

They say time is hard, but time is what you make it
When you're wasting time, I call that baking
I done did a lot of wasting, in my life
A lot of drug chasing, all day and night
Same clothes bout a week, could you believe that there
No bath, brushing teeth, or braid my hair
Just running like a chicken, with his head cut off
When I'm banging never missing, you can ask my dog
I ain't give a Motherfuck about whoever, whatever
Turk was gonna get it, in any kinda weather
Out there head first, had to get me
One and one everytime, never cope without the deed
That's just how it be, when you living that life
Stealing through your peeps, when you living that life
Or was it just me, who was living that life
Caught up in these streets, just living this life


I said it plenty of times, but now I really mean it
Fuck that shit, cause I no longer need it
It ain't good for me, cause it's bringing me down
And plus I'm never happy, cause I stay with a frown
Man I love my life, fuck throwing it away
Fucking with it leave it alone, please believe what I say
Cause if I could do it, you could do it too my nigga
No such things, as you can't do nigga
It's on you my nigga, nobody else dog
You know one thang, your boy been on your cell dog
Fuck help dog, cold turkey that bitch
And I bet you that you don't want go through it again
I'm through with it man, I done left it alone
And fuck turning back, cause I done left it alone


Yeah, and it's like that ya heard me
I'm a living testimony to that monkey
That nasty untamed gorilla, ya understand
I feel you niggas hurting, I know how it is you understand
Waking up 8: 00 in the morning, yawning
Body aching and you broke, don't know what to do
You understand, but you gotta do something
Cause that gorilla gon pimp you, you understand
He gon make you go get him, cause he gotta eat you understand
Either rob, kill, steal it don't matter you understand
You gotta get it, the best way you could you understand
If you out there drugging or thugging, you understand
That's on you man, I ain't hating on you, you understand
Yeah and it's like that man, let that man do what he want do
If he wanna be out there on the corner shooting up
You understand, snorting up, tooting up
That's all on him you understand, don't knock a nigga
For what he do you understand, he gon come in
Just like I came in, you can come in too nigga
You understand and it's like that there, I respect you yeah
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I Been Through Dat Lyrics

Turk – I Been Through Dat Lyrics

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