Your sweet voice is awfully nice but I can see your poisoned tongue and twisted words that lie to me I'm not
Blind, not yours... Will never be you're not blind, not mine... Will always be
Can't wash away the dirty I hate it when you're sorry you're nothing to me now ugly so sick inside you're
Pretty you love it when you scar me just like you're doing now...
I never wanted this you never wanted this we never wanted this
I could be good to you, good for you make you believe that I trust you and love you but then I'd be like you
And I'm not like you you're just like me
Repeat chorus
There is a demon clutching at my feet as I see the angel so far out of me reach if I could be forgiven for a
Single sin I would burn alive to know you again
I've seen wounds that you hide but can't hide from me you bleed well when I cry now cry for me I'm not kind,
Not blind will never be you're not kind, not blind will always be
Repeat chorus 2xs
I never wanted this you never wanted this we never wanted this I can't forgive you this I never wanted this
You never wanted this we must have wanted this.. I know you wanted this... Just like I wanted this
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Unclean Lyrics

Tura Satana – Unclean Lyrics

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