Something's growing inside me
Burning deep under my skin
Swollen with nowhere to go
Infection must be drained
All I do is touch it
And sets off so much pain

Hold on
Hold on

Puss where my warm blood should be
Gotta slice and squeeze it free
More I wait, worse it will be
I'm living with a human cyst

You move in
Say you love me
Let's make our dreams come true
Rent and phone bills piling up
But you cry when I ask you
Fancy job downtown-
Why is it you're always broke?

Hold on
Hold on

Where my best friend used to be
One I love is using me
Fear going back to being lonely
But I'm living with a human cyst

Gotta cut out the cancer
But I fear the pain
When I lance the boil
The pain get's even worse

Oh, by the way
Your diary
Says a slick Ivy league penis
Has a key to this place:

"Yeah we fuck our brains out
When you're away
Shower together and he scrubs away
In all those places I told you
Touch only me

5 years apart
I think you're too old
When you see how much I stole
From you and our friends as well
Ha, Ha, Ha, I'm using you
I want palimony too!"

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Human Cyst Lyrics

Tumor Circus – Human Cyst Lyrics