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Vehicle Lyrics

Tub Ring – Vehicle Lyrics

So much inspired in the course
Of several years
I've grown to question all I am
It's time to move

Along this path
Without our peers
One day the truth will come to them
When we leave behind this land just be sure to take my hand

Across the way and come with me
When we shed our binds and leave our vessels far behind
We'll find a way and we'll be free
Mr. Applewhite your web design was baffling

And your vehicle for traveling lost it's way
If you can hear my cries the body works until it dies
If you return we'll try another day.
It's such a joy to have us all together here

This trust will help us all move on
I sense excitement cause the time is drawing near
Transcend this ground we live upon
Mr. Applewhite your rhetoric was tired

And your vehicle expired long ago
If you can hear my cries then send a message through the skies
We'll benefit from hearing what you know
Your vehicle was splendid

Your vehicle ended
Your vehicle has served you well.
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