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Better Days Lyrics

Tskin Ganz – Better Days Lyrics

Tskin Ganz
Ganz Nation
Team Rockers

First verse
I go tears in my eyes
Blood in my veins
Love in my mind
Nice in the past days are same
I live in pain but i never cry
Now I'm getting bigger so never mind
My world is pride my wisdom is bigger
That's the words for the wise success to survive

Better Days x4 (hahahaha)
Will come

Second verse
I'm from my hood were we do or die
Big boy business i think I'm gonna crucified
Give high praise coz we're Jesus people
Work hard coz every Gang need equal
Big shut out to the hustlers never drop it down like an eagle
Thank God i just drop this single
True love from my niggas i think we gotta mingle
Trust nobody coz every hood is full of evil
We're not the same I'm on the mission so approach me with a caution
Sometimes i think about life i put my face down
They say they are my brother but i never see their smile
Life is like a distance i think we're on the miles
Coz wat doesn't kill me will only make me stronger

Better Days x4 (hahahaha)
Will come

Third verse
Anything i got some niggaz wanna take it
But now I'm getting stronger rap be the reason
Some people care about the way we talk , the way we dress to the clothes we
Brought how much they cost
Does it matter in life
Wishes for the brighter days that's all my nigga know
I got big dream
Big things
But who cares
King with the good voice
I'm such a good choice
Good vocals
Good follows
That the message they have to the youths
I wanna be a hero like my great mommy who raise me with her bare hands
Raise in the streets like a stop sign
I take every lesson i learn i put it on my flesh
I think i need an ex-ray to show you who i am
Killing be the reason no more Mr Nice Guy

Better days x4(hahahaa)
Will come x4
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