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Catch 22 Lyrics

Truth Hurts – Catch 22 Lyrics

When you love somebody more than they love you
Sure you stand there lying pretendin' it's all good
Walk away in denial like you'll live without 'em
Either way, its catch 22

Verse 1:
I think of how you lied when you said you chose me
Thought I was your woman 'til I found my sanity
Used to cry your pain
What a cold game, this love thang
Cuts deeper than glass
I can still remember the exact words you used to control me
(Damn it must be good baby)
'Cause for years those words were able to consume me
Confuse me
Appease me
Blind me, yeah


Verse 2:
It's finally clear to me
It was partly my fault
I can't blame it all on you
We both were dead wrong
But you were stealin' me (me)
Away from me
Nobody needed me
Anymore than me
And it's amazing how the tears fall
Water, seeds they grow to be the strength in me
'Cause I'm finally at the point (hey)
Where I'm ready for the truth (hey, hey, hey)
Anything I do for me to make me happy
Is up to me- not you, no (no, no, no)


It's gonna hurt like hell
But I'll get over you
And I wish you well
But I just refuse (just refuse)
To give so much of me (give so much of me)
'Til there's nothing left ('til there's nothing left)
Guess you can't love me baby
Like I deserve, naw

Spoken word:
They say love is beautiful
I'm usually more optimistic
Realistically I have yet to see love's beauty outside of my reflection
Via the affection I exude for you
All of the fairy tales and castles, hmph
I mean, I thought I touched 'em
Can't hold down with one heart
But I'm still optimistic, idealistic
Though my eyes are misty
I will patiently await and see
The beauty of love
All my own, all my own
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