Lil shawty movement
You know you ain’t supposed to be over here man, for real
Don’t make us come and get you man
What up man!
Tell your brother man
My nigga better come around man
Be good man, we ain’t sweating that little bit of money

Floody the lobby with the big niggas playing my square
Tone caps homie bitch he to pickle,
I’m melted up with gas jeans, champions sweat hood on
Philadelphia had too many good blinks,
To ask in his dynamite ray
Double piping with the risk light in white
I shit on the hood links,
All we hold is put equal in.. Diesel we this time
And this time, I’ma shit rhyme and for kilos oh,
Who dare one text us, I flip the ex like Jamaicans,
Can’t one stare, we shot your peoples
I’m always balled up, nigga you want me both street
I’m under the belt and all of me Ocean
Bugged out, bugs bunny money niggas
Plus my hands is life is that.. As I shoot up some dummies
There niggas is gonna be hell up and happy when we’ll find you
Plus we chopped off the mother hand.

And packs it up and then melt it to your brother house
We want that cope nigga, every last fuck it out
You fuck it with the wrong team I blow me leave your soldiers
Got more than just stunts I pack he and my crime holders,
Louis Vuitton wallet keep an ax in the gummy soul,
Chain so big nigga it look like dummy go
You funny though, fuck em with the savage my niggas
That will kill, will they come to six O’s in the figure
Gun clappin happy ready to bust their triggers
You used the corner, tryin to find you slumped in the river
With the Cuban link purple.. Stuck in your face,
I’m a ghost chocked out no prince to trace,
No easily case got a secret identity
Don’t lose change in the game son,
Pick the documentary
I know you motherfuckers like the back of my hand
Fuck around the big toner get stumped by the clan assholes
It’s rhymer.
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