Funny how it all just fades away
To soul decay
From the things the world can say
Or can I say?
Everybody needs a little moment of truth
When they find a new
A new way to live with themselves
Nobody ever had a clue
Or knew what to do
When they had a little feeling called love
And nothing ever had to wait
If it came to hate
Cause you can hate anything before you even try to
Love it

Love is chemical
Straight from your genitals
Never is spiritual
Never unconditional
Love is a chemical
Nature is radical
Never is spiritual
It's mathematical
And everything you've ever known today
Is all the world can give you
Don't believe in love or hate
It's only a chemical

I'm sorry that you never understood
It'll do ya some good
If you look around and find out for yourself
You need a little push to shove
Test your love
Will that person burn for you?
Love is a beautiful way to face the day
But everybody's got it wrong
Everybody's got it wrong


And I don't wanna be the one who has to look back
Knowing my whole life was a lie
And I don't wanna be the one who has to reget
Everything I kept inside
And I don't wanna spend another minute caring for the
Things that don't mean anything at all
I never gave a
Damn about
I'll never be
I'll never be your sacrifice

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Chemical Lyrics

Trouble Is... – Chemical Lyrics

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