Hark, Thou whom reflections of life have never reached,
Whose name is cried with every stillborn!
I kneel before, oh silhouette of all divinity of Black!
With Thy horns I shall raise all misanthropic visions,
Buried deep in inverted star.

Through the gates of Death I shall fly into nihilistic realms,
Involved in wounds of cosmos... and there begotten.
Through the unlighted paths with the point of no return
I shall triumph all chthonic illusions.
Through the winds of dissolution, above eleven sides,
Into infinity of Nothing I will be!

Satana Domine, gloria tua est aeterna!
Magne Domine, flamma tua lucem prefer ad iterum meum!
Satana Domine, scientia est ruina tua!
Lucifer Victor, extinge astras et incendere Chaos!
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Atrium Mortis Lyrics

Triumfall – Atrium Mortis Lyrics

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