I will sing you a song, I will save you a dance
If you just give me a chance
A little piece of your mind, little bit of your time
To let it unwind

What is it I don't get, something I'll never forget
Something good that hasn't even started yet
Its so good that it's bad
It might be the best damn thing that I ever had...

Happen to me, well you see
I'm still melting
Over you, I'm still holding on
And baby well,
I'm still melting

Cause I fell hard, but not hard enough... You didn't even notice
I took that risk and I jumped ship
And now I'm waving my arms drowning in the ocean
While you go on saying everything I've been trying to say
And now I'd be foolish to let you get away
So stay with me awhile...

Cause I'm still melting
Over you,
Ohh well I'm still holding on
To all your words
And I'm still feeling love, love, love,
I'm still melting

So lets get out of here
Feel like chasing my fears
You never said too much, I shoulda took it as a clue
That it would only be a matter of time, till I was falling all over you

Cause I'm still melting
Over you, I'm still holding on
I'm still dreaming, so don't wake me yet
Cause I, I don't want to forget

How you picked me back up
And you lay my head down
And now I feel you heavy, over me
And now I'm in to deep now

I'm still melting....
Over you....
Yeah I'm still holding on...
Baby, I'm still dreaming, so don't wake me yet, cause i....
I don't want to forget...
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Melting Lyrics

Tristan Prettyman – Melting Lyrics

Songwriters: Tristan Prettyman
Melting lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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