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Hero Lyrics

Trip Stone – Hero Lyrics

Hanging of the ledge, who's gonna save you now.
Fell over the edge, super man is out of town

You're falling to your death, too scared to look down
You're screaming inside, but you can't really make a sound

Who's your hero, when the sky is falling down
Where's your savior, superman is out of town...

You open your eyes, you're living another day
You breathe in the air, your heart beats yet again

Earth spins round, and it feels like your insane
The sun shines bright, your back and you're here to stay


You feel Indestructible, as you set of into the night, you are now your own
Hero, you're ready to put up a fight.

You hear a loud sound, then you see a heavenly light.
Something lifts you up, up up and out of sight.
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