Tricky :

Who want the chicken?

It's fuckin' finger-lickin'

I'll be the baller

Wishin' I was taller

Yeah, you're makin' me look red

Yeah, you just won't let

Nearly, nearly, nearly

Nearly everyone needs something

You can't tell me nothing

Who wants December?

Gonna run forget her

Who needs effects?

Who needs to pay for sex?

When they drop the bomb

(When they)

Who will stay calm?

Blood will spill

Who would you kill?

Don't tell me nothing

Everyone wants something

Who wants to do this?

We all grow up and be this

Some may eat the people

The apple and the people

Some days, some days

Who like it chunky?

Who has a little monkey?

Who snorts coke?

Who's flat broke?

Who lie on the mic?

Who likes the place?

Who likes place on the little riddle?

Fiddles want to fiddle

and fraud and rob

Hey diddle diddle

Split it down the middle

Who's gonna last?

Who's gonna blast?

Yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah

Who's got a giggle?

Who walks with a wiggle?

Who kills people,

steals and builds a steeple?

Who's your crew?

Who the fuck you talking to?

Yeah, yeah

Who sees your fists?

I wanna walk down Bristol

Who did the chunk?

Who's fakin' the funk?

Could you love?

Could you love?

Could you love?

Or do you like flirtin'?

When it's around you kill it for certain

Who runs the station?

Who likes double penetration?

Who got the mark?

(Who's got the mark?)

Who lose hesitation?

Yet easing into winning

It's getting

for a little minute

It's new ways

It's what made us

Yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah
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Who Lyrics

Tricky – Who Lyrics