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She's Fiendin'( Skit) Lyrics

Trick Daddy – She's Fiendin'( Skit) Lyrics

Phone Ringin

Friend: Hello!


Friends: Girl what's wrong calm down

Friend: Tell Me what's Wrong, Slow Down Slow Down Slow Down Calm Down Slow

Down Slow Down

She: Girl he didn't call me he wont call me

Friend: Who Wont call you, Who Wont Call You, Slow Down Slow Down

She: Trick, Yea I Keep Callin Him

Friend: You fuck Trick

She: Yea

Friend: I Told You Not To fuck That nigga

She: Why He Wont Call Me

Friend: He Got Dat Double Dose Sista don't Do Dat

She: Girl I'm Fienin for It, girl

Friend: Thas what I'm Tryna Tell You, You Got Me, I Took A Year To Get Ova Mine

She: Cuz It Waz So Long, It Waz So longggg

Friend: Ooo

Friend: Yea I Know

She: It Waz So Long

Friend: I Know Girl, I Know Guess What Ima Call him Ryght now For You

She: Ok Tell Him Tell Him To Call Me, ok

Friend: Ima Call Him Ryght Now Ima Call him Ryght now, don't Worry Bout A Thang,
I Gotchu

Friend: fuck dat, ima call dat nigga for me
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Songwriters: MAURICE YOUNG
She's Fiendin'( Skit) lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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