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Fire Lyrics

Tribal Seeds – Fire Lyrics

Fire we blaze, hail the almighty I always
Lion still reigns
From meditation to war, Sitting
Bull to Crazy Horse. Yea, yea

From meditation to a war
My roots rest all around and through
And blaze through wicked hearts
For they don't see I, and they don't know

It is the almighty I rely on, not school educational
So our rebel appearance is burning through your coal
Which is babylon's system, which you have took
Come and burn the fire, show the whole world

Rasta is roots, rasta is soul rebel
Meditation and inspiration through fire in my soul
It is of the most high, 'Cause babylon seeds nah grow

Equal rights and justice is what we crave for
Mind not your science in this society, in this Iwah (time)
See you boasting idols, watch you boast imaginary glamour
You forget your roots, you forget your culture

Read up your history, study your ancestor
See how they hunt, true blood warrior
Plant Jah seed, it shall grow forever
Water be the youth, sun be lion conqueror

It is the fire that comes and rebels against the system
Yet it unites when you use it to bring forth medicine
Fire checks your faith, fire knows your confidence
Fire never burnt three faithful men from Jerusalem

Blood is the sacred element, fire is the cleanser
First came with water, second shall come as fire (the returning Christ)

Come blaze
Hail the almighty I always
Lion still reigns
Fire we blaze
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Songwriters: DANIEL LANOIS
Fire lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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