Every breath of your life is a drag
'Til Johnny brings you that little bag
Stayin' alive
One more night

Your brain is like a telephone
You're on the hook when Johnny's on
He'll bring you the stash
If you have the cash

Then you say
I feel like a winner
As though the prize is already given
Now you feel so strong
That you could move the earth and make it alone
You feel like a lion
So courageous you could jump through the fire
But you're just a spark
Burning out in the dark

Days are rushing by so fast
You were the first, but now you're the last
The things you have lost
Only God knows the cost

Will you remain within your walls of fear?
Live in illusion or see what is real?
Do you already know?
Where will you go?
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Where Will You Go? Lyrics

Triangle Sun – Where Will You Go? Lyrics