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Where I Go Lyrics

Trey Marz – Where I Go Lyrics

Judging by the way you stand there
You ant got a man or he ant here
Looking for a guy, to bring you cheer
Not just for a lame, that would buy you beer

I've been waiting all my life, for a girl to change my life
Seems like every girl is trife, using me for the good life

Damn right I'm faded
Super medicated, drinking on some pink shit
I'm destined for greatness
Bloodline be famous, the girls they be brainless
They fans of 2 chains and they want to fuck Baby

I ant never ever seen nothing wrong
With a little bump and grind to my song
Make sure you wear an edible thong
Imma eat that thang all night long

Before I hit gotta pour up
Yeah Imma treat you like a whore but
If you're good and you blow my phone up
I'll be right back, gotta make time

Trey M, fucked a girl at the days Inn
Never had persuasion so I'm curious about Asians
Most girls, basic, got cash they'll take it
No questions asked, they'll give pussy just say when

Guess I'm searching, for something, different
Thinking, maybe I should change how, I'm fucking living
What if, I was making money to the fucking the ceiling
Would she hear about my fuckin famous building

Last girl, always wanted cameras out
She ant wanna know, what I'm all about
She taught me some things, with her sexy mouth
Put me up on game, European style

Now days women don't take care of men
This is women turn to lesbian
Been through so many fake niggas they don't know
A real nigga, when he be on the floor

Them trife hoes, that's that shit I don't like
Got a nigga sprung, from a one night
The way she use her tongue I'm like Oh my
Next day, confidence be on the rise

Every other city I go
I see the same hoes

No matter where I go
I see the same hoes

Recognize a real man when you see him
Next day he'll be gone and you'll be phining
Feeling all alone, while you sleeping
Next day, regrets sinking

Trey is 21 but that's just a number
Met so many girls it just makes me wonder
If that special girl, in this world
Need another drink cause I'm going under

New girl, she crazy
Hate niggas that's lazy
That ant me so we connect like ball players and Jay-Z
We going out, she paying
I'm thinking I'm dreaming
No pretense she scheming
She investing a payee

Little did I know, she the different type
Even though it took one night
Had me thinking damn, she the one for me
Later on I find out she too busy
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