Oh the streets are so wide, you can diagonally park
In athat small town, a small town
Yeah the streets are so wide but the theater has gone dark
In the small town. That small town

Where your business is everybody’s business
And everybody’s nose is in your business
And everybody knows more than you wish they did
In that small, small town

The concrete’s so worn, there are cracks for every year
Of that small town, that small town
When the mercantile closed, everybody was in tears
In that small town, that small town

Then our parents grew old and the kids all moved away
From that small town, that small town
With no prospects in sight athere’s no reason to stay
In a small town, a very small town


My cousin, Kenny owned the pool hall where grandpa cooked each day
In that small town, that small town
Making breakfast for the farmers and conversation by the way
In that small town, that small town

And my Grandpa would brag, though bragging’s not the way
Of a small town, a small town
I’m the oldest man around here and I walk five miles a day
In this small town


Ooh, hear the whistle blow as the train rolls by, as the train rolls by
And oh, it never stops here anymore

Well it’s a piece of our history, it’s a part of our past
The small town, the small town
But like all things worth saving, there’s a chance that it won’t last
The small town, the very small town

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Small Town Lyrics

Tret Fure – Small Town Lyrics

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