Santa Claus swinging from a chandelier
Shiny tinsel hangin off a red-nosed reindeer
Everybody’s celebrating one more year
They're rockin' and a rollin' full of holiday cheer.
Toys are packed up, we're gettin' ready to roll
There's a party going down now at the old North Pole
It's the night before the night before Christmas
All the creatures are stirring yes even the mice
It's the night before the night before Christmas
Time to get your naughty on isn't that nice.
Twenty-four hours he'll be rockin' a sleigh
Niki and the crew are gonna give it away.

Rudy and the Elves are jamming out tonight
Crystal fairies dancing in the cold bright moonlight
Over in the kitchen stands Mr's Claus
Baking up a batch for her mother-in-law
They're laughing likes hyenas yeah, they're havin' a ball
Santa and his helpers bouncing off of the walls

Repeat chorus

No more broken toys to mend this year
All the letters have been read Christmas time is here!
Repeat chorus
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Nicki And The Crew Lyrics

Treetop Sisters – Nicki And The Crew Lyrics

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