Live life, live life like you want to live life
Like you want to live life, right
Don't take life; don't take your life for granted
Because it'll get wasted
All life is sacred
All life, all life has a right to live
So give it all you got to give
And don't live so negative
Death comes; death comes to us one and all
I've seen the writing on the wall
Just like the setting sun
Death falls on everyone
Now your memories
Sentenced to life and so I'm going to live it
Strive to survive as long as I'm in it
Blessed with life but life is so brief
From a limb of a tree it falls like a leaf
Life is a gift but we take it for granted
Don't appreciate it until someone gets planted
Live like live like you want to live life, right
Now you're memories
Life will survive life look into my eyes
Now you're gone but you're not forgotten
You live on in my memories
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Live Life Lyrics

Tree – Live Life Lyrics