Look at you, look at me, look at me
Look at you mother fucker look at you

Look at me mother fucker look at me
Money to the Wednesday Thursday Friday we be...
Sunday, Sunday we get money then gonna...
Then we hot the club and make a move every week
We be geeked up, we be we be geeked up
We be geeked up, we be we be geeked up
We be geeked up, we be we be geeked up
We be geeked up, we be we be geeked up

Mother fucker look at me and my... Louie V.
My life feels a master piece and every day I'm after lead
Every day I'm... every day I'm fucking party
Rolling at the bar...
But know about em... about me, got an asshole about me
Got your hore VIP... but she too deep
We do the... week you ain't... we beyond
Blowing strong I'm blowing strong in my zone
Going going like...
I'm looking for a fine girl I know the...
Diamonds shining in the dark twinkle twinkle
She put the hands up like...


Bitches... best believe that I'm a winner
But on my eyes... then I turn a bitch to winner
Oh my God that's your girl better get her before I get her
Am I still... I got splint her, I gotta splint her
Money to the... then gonan watch the dinner
Yeah I'm drivin for a...
I kiss her bad bitch and some models in my stable
When I'm in the... poppin... at the table
And... that I won't... put a couple thousand in my risk...
And it's... bitch when I'm deep up I'll eb screaming look at em bitch


I said on Monday I just get back in town
I'll be stressing out ym hair her out this money I gotta count
Then on the night I might hit up the lown
Gotta hit the... what is... I found
Man on Tuesday you know how I get down
Got on bitches going crazy... on the ground
And on Thursday I'm so fucked up I put that...
And on Wednesday but I'm chillin and I can't wait
On Friday if you aint' fucking and you're asking
The highway and boy you know I'm... LA
On the Saturday boy I can't wait 'cause I like Natalie
You know is going down

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Geeked Up Lyrics

Travis Porter – Geeked Up Lyrics