Tear through my skin
Tell me what I'm like on the inside
Cos I rarely let anyone else in
Break through my skull
Tell me what I'm thinking
Cos I know that's what you're thinking
Take it day by day
Tell me if this mask I made hides my face
(It's bullshit anyway)
Cos every chance I get to make some kind
Of room to grow
A coward fills the space
And I keep you at a distance
All these lies I told to save face
As if honesty was poison
And I had no other way
I was just a kid I let that coward in
He found his home in emptiness
Take it day by day
Take it day by day
Tell me if I change
Tell me if I'm growing
All these sleepless nights
Where I would sit and stay awake
I tell myself I'm different
I hope someday I listen
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Saving Face Lyrics

Trash Boat – Saving Face Lyrics