Does it feel like you lost a friend with the summers end?
Now you've become more bitter than the cold
That shows your breath and burns your throat.
Well anyone who is anyone knows
People change, they do.
We're changing with the seasons
And each falling leaf they will become covered by the next.
They will pile over our heads
Like October in our front yards
And the harsh realization that winter is on its way.
Don't you miss those days When
Having everything and nothing felt the same.
Gravity and debt could not define us.
Now it all seems unending
But I know the pieces will fall in place.
You said this will not define us.
We will not become buried in the leaves.
How could it define us?
We're not like them.
We're changing with the seasons
And the falling leaf will
Become covered by the snow.
The winters in our front yards and it's here to stay.
So everything will slow down.
Everything will slow down.
So For the next three months we'll plan our escape
And somehow everything will work out.
Do you hear me? This will not define us.
Can you hear me? This will define us in the end.
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Changing Season Lyrics

Transit – Changing Season Lyrics