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The Prelude To Gotham Lyrics

TrakBoss – The Prelude To Gotham Lyrics

I know you wanna know what's good
I got too much on my mind
Now I think it's time to let you know what's good
They can charge me with a crime
It won't stop my shine, man you know I'm good
Born and raised in Gotham
Gotta take precaution if you know what's good, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Welcome to Gotham, let me tell you what it be about
Dark cloud hovers over letting all the demons out
Nigga's hearts is the like the winter, colder than the penguin's house
I caught a case that I know you can't wait for me to speak about
But that's another song, got a project in the works
Can't tell you when its coming, I just hope you stay alert
It's been a minute but I'm still solid with a verse
Still bodying my beats, pile them up inside a hearse
Don't think cause I been quiet that I ain't been busy working
When I take my time with it just know that its gon' be worth it
Plus I'm fighting charges, I never said I was perfect
Being in this situation turned me to a stronger person
I never been the type to care what a nigga thinks
The ones that secretly hate be the ones clicking the links
Watching my every move, these niggas is scared to blink
But I don't drop nothing new til' I worked out all the kinks
I been my own boss, been moving by myself
Handle business on my own, I don't trust nobody else
Always stressing 'bout something, I know that's danger to my health
I just look into the mirror if I ever need some help
Yeah I look at my reflection whenever I need a favor
Boy I'm Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen cooking up the flavor
I make enough for now and still have something left over for later
And nobody complaining 'bout what I'm bringing to the table
April 28th, 87, mama made cool
Must've been April fools when your mama made you
Nowadays, it's hard to find a woman that'll stay true
If I'm just a move can't be mad when I make moves
I see that you been working out, looking stunning
I thought we had a future but a nigga tired of running
I never would've thought that you would be the type of woman
To string a nigga along, nah I never saw it coming
I showed a little interest and you started acting distant
Ignoring all my messages, you never wanna kick it
You call it being thirsty when I try to be persistent
Girl, it wasn't just about the pussy, I wanted commitment
And now it's hurt feelings, I don't even wanna speak about you
Initially, it was hard going a week without you
I was trying to hide the fact that I was weak without you
But I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about you
So am I still on your mind?
Girl, I know I been busy, you know I'm still on the grind
I just wanna know exactly how you feeling inside
I'll just give you some time

So you can see what's good
Ain't no other option for me, girl, you got me wishing that I could
If you drop all your niggas then I'll fall back from my bitches, girl, what's good
The way it ended was so tragic, what we had was magic, girl, what's good
Let's forget whatever happened, get back to the passion, girl, what's good
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