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Wasted Faith Lyrics

Traitors – Wasted Faith Lyrics

Wasted faith

Something I can't explain
Isolate it doesn’t matter
Too little too late

Lost myself so long ago so I succumb to hate
Succumb to hate
I blame myself for all my misery and pain

Grinding myself down
Look into my dead eyes
Pathetic excuses
So useless
Why do I try

Everything I touch, turns to dust
I spill my blood
It will
Be good enough

Violence is the only answer
Aggression is all I have
A product of my environment
This I what I am

Hold me down til I break
Lost myself because of everything
I'll never be free inside
Keep myself confined
Keep myself alive

No concern for myself
All I feel is loathing in this
Miserable hell

I turn my back
On those that
Watched me struggle to survive
You made me into
The monster that I am
So how do you
Rationalize the way that you act
You piece of shit
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