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Suffocate Lyrics

Traitors – Suffocate Lyrics

Broken and violent, mindless and ignorant


You caused me pain
I can do the same
You found someone inside me
That’s a little deranged

Find new ways to manipulate
So I can break you of your ways

I hope there is a god
The ones you loved are looking down in disappointment
Shaking their heads in disappointment

Mentally enslaved
Exhausted and restrained
Things have changed
And you’re the one to blame

Alone at last
Shove it all deep down
Forget the past

Why does everyone push me far away?
Only with my thoughts at the end of the day

Self fulfilled prophecy
I bow to me
Self preserved, selfish world

Can you feel my putrid presence
A different face
The past erased

Look at everyone that you let down
Turning over in their graves
Rotting in the ground
While you make mistakes
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