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My Farewell Lyrics

Tragic – My Farewell Lyrics

Rest in peace

I cried my last tear
Drank my last beer
I stopped livin' in fear
Knowin' that I’m goin' to jail for years
Man cuz its clear, that my last breath is near
I cried to the lord
But the devil is the one that hears
My hands down around my peers
My eyes bleed blood
My saliva is toxic
I get no love
I hold myself with my hands in my pockets
Around my neck is my love lost in a locket
The pain I got it
For told is the insane profit
Recarnation and you're hopin' no one can stop it
My lungs punctured
My tounge has no appitite
I stay awake at night
Starin’ at the stars
Cigarette after cigarette I light
Just hopin’ I might live through this trife
I will give you this knife
If you promise me life
Which doesn’t sound right
I’m condemmed by demons, screamin’
Eternal bleedin’
With the gun plenched ‘n the trigger teasin’
This is my soul I’m leaving
The spoken word
In a broken world
garanteein’ loneliness to my chosen girl
As I slowly wither
Ridin’ on a brothers bitter
As my coffin is carried by my brother and my sister
Oh this is tragic as wonderin’ are you an impossible mixture.

Yea, it is
There’s a lot of beauty in the world
Just I never found it
My farewell

The silence eats away at me each day
People say I need to pray but I don’t need redemption
I need a way to find a ray of sunshine
Hopefully which I will find sometime before I lose my mind
A months a planet of green filth and crimes
Speakin' with minds
Sinkin' for designs
That occupy the time
Profosize, monopolize, solitize that keeps me alive
My heart still beats but months ago I died
I cried and I cried, and don't ever think I haven't tried
I lost my pride on a just tryin’ to survive
Blind walkin a plank
Bein’ stalked on a chance to see my heart break
Dissapointed and creation
isn't what i'm doing
but its what i'm sayin'

Cuz I got nothin' to give
Uh huh
Sing it girl
We gotta do the song over
When you don't think there's gonna be a tomorrow
My Farewell
I wanna feel the soul
I want you to sing it with me
right here
uh huh
My Farewell
My My Farewell
Nah, it ain't over yet

You're right
I am a loser
Full time alcohol abuser
Rugged around the edges and I will never get smoother
My parents told me
All I do is take
And I think about the shit when i shake
Cuz I realize that I'm a big mistake
Displaced and soon to be traced
And remember there's a disgrace
And if I die
The question is who'd know and realize
That I'm filled with love
And have a good soul
I'm carin' always sharin'
I get mad sometimes with nostrils flarin'
Despite what you think
Its because I care
I don't really care to drink or even speak
I rather just be happy for one fuckin' week
But I'm far from it
Into a plummet
So this is my farewell
Buried with depression and I couldnt get above it
I do believe in god
So that people who care
Dont worry
I just realized you cant really see a future with your eyes blurry

No you can't
I’ve been through it
And ive tried and ive tried
You gotta give up sooner or later
My Farewell
For all the people who really loved me
From day one
Good bye
I love you too
We will see each other one day
In a better place
uh huh, uh huh
My Farewell
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