[Hook: Future]
Tippin’ on fours (tippin’ on fours)
Pourin’ up fours (pourin’ up fours)
We ridin’ swingers (we ridin’ swingers)
Katrillion-dollar swagger (katrillion-dollar swagger)
Yeah, I’m screwed up (screwed up)
I’m screwed up (screwed up)
I’m screwed up (screwed up)
I’m screwed up (screwed up)
I’m screwed up (screwed up)
My ‘hood is in love with me – the ‘hood love me

[Verse 1: Trae The Truth]
I stay screwed up, don’t shit else count
I pull up in somethin’ you niggas can’t pronounce
All these orangutans hittin’ at somethin’ that bang
It ain’t no game, you can hear it on the side of your house
Home of the pimp, home of the fifth, pimp
Screwed-Up Clique, this’ll be the get respect back
Robert Davis shit, disrespect that
This a fact: I’ll put you in a box like Jack
Screwed-up Texas, home of two-cups
Everything purple, most are slowed up
Niggas thought it was over, now they trippin’, I showed up
Tell that bitch I’m the one, get lost or load up
Everything I rock got diamonds on it
If it ain’t 10-point you ain’t gon’ find it on it
Hoes laughed back then, now they on my dick
Shit, you ought to see the way they climbin’ on it
I’ll throw up the Ace, let her know I’m the truth
H, A-Dub and Moe, Clip D I salute
Frontline, I got this bitch, I’m the truth
I don’t fuck around with haters, I’ll fuck around and shoot
Yeah, money, great tapes, get screwed up
Hate a mechanic, I’ll never put a tool up
If I hit him with this, you ain’t gon’ get that fool up
On the way to the ‘hood, tell the homies to tool up

[Hook: Future]

[Verse 2: Trae The Truth]
Swimming pools of purple, keep that shit out back
Heard of my city? I guarantee we ‘bout that
Tougher, the drop lost, I still ain’t found that
Fuck my truck, I’m ‘bout to beat him up out that
Swing this bitch, what the fuck I should do?
I don’t even drink, but the rest of my ‘hood do
Brand new whip, ‘bout to get him a new shoe
Do it for the city, only thing I would do
Hatin’ on me, yeah bitch, I would too
You ain’t shit if you ain’t screwed up
Everything is slow in this Texas
Everything about me screwed up
Keep racks in a bag, racks in a safe
Hublot watch, stones all on the face
They say I’m mixed up, yeah I’m all on base
Where them haters at? I got chrome on the waist
Tell them I’m still the king, now what it look like?
Never be in the kitchen with somethin’ if it don’t cook right
How the fuck you think you me? Bitch, you don’t look right
I’m heavy up in the game, it ain’t shit light
So if you got me wrong, you gon’ get right
And if your bitch on me, she gon’ get pipe
You ain’t seen nothin’ like this, better sit tight
While I flex this shit, you gon’ get lights

[Hook: Future]

[Outro: Future]
I’m screwed up…
I’m screwed up, I’m screwed up, I’m screwed up…
The ‘hood love me!
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Screwed Up Lyrics

Trae Tha Truth – Screwed Up Lyrics