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Can't Get Close Lyrics

Trae Tha Truth – Can't Get Close Lyrics

I feel life ain't fair from all I've been through
They say time can heal wounds and that's true
Now I'm dreamin' nights praying you come through
Knowing you have been every where I'mma run to
You be replaced something they can't do
Niggas want this spot knowing they ain't you
We was a two man team but now it's just me
God gather an angel like I one two
I remember that night that's where it all changed
I hate I got that call I should have been with you
But the fact I wasn't I still blame myself
Probably still be here wish I could switch with you
Your little kids getting grown now
Nephews fly as hell tryin' to roll now
I guess I can't tell them shit they on they own now
Lil' motherfuckers always on the phone now
Junior junior a trip he look just like you
Head first with drummer he fight just like you
The same They rip just like you
Make me kick they ass they thug just like you
Off the rip they all gone go for trae
So many thoughts I don't know what to say
Just know I got em it ain't no other way
I told you that at the graveyard the other day
Sometimes I hear your laugh when I'm home alone
Other people are probably thinking that I tripped out
Gotta re evaluate crew fill the port
I forgot to tell you have them niggas dipped out
It ain't the same without you
Now I'm doin' me reppin' the lane without you
Only got a handful left that is riding
Everybody else carried on without you, cold ain't it
Bunch of niggas turned fuck shit bold ain't it
All this snake ass shit gettin' old ain't it
I ain't forgot when the people came and got dogs
Some of them niggas probably been the ones who told ain't it
In the ghetto where the dreams get sold ain't it
I don't even want to fuck around
Got me hurting 'cause you ain't around
Either way to death know I'm still down
Jay took on two wicks and keeping with you
Put him under your wing and show him what's right
They way they told me he died I swear it wasn't right
It had us fucked up all day and all night
I feel like I'm losing it
Loyal to the death and niggas abusing it
Riding blurry plus in how I keep cruising it
Life or death I'm trying to keep me from choosing it
Gather we, to the end you my brother
Lot of other niggas been undercover
The paid position tried to get out the gutter
For love of bread they give a fuck about butter
You and I know I got business to handle
You told me finish shit and I know that I got to
When they see me ain't no way they can't spot you
Dedicated to the niggas who shot you, they time comin'
Word to my babies I miss you
Nigga know it hurt when I look at your picture
Mama still in tears can't forget you
The preacher still the man I read through the scripture, amen
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