Steal the sunlight from my eyes
And crate me like a dog inside
Til I'm broken

Snuff the flame that feeds desire
And set the dreams I have on fire
Til they're smoking

Blown away by all of this

Treat me like a bastard son
And tell me I'm the worthless one
I won't be broken [x2]
Try to break my will to live
And then you beg me to forgive
You must be joking
I won't be broken

For 13 years you tortured me
A judge decides 9 months worthy
And I'm choking [x2]


Blown away by all of this

"People can't you see
That the ones we're rehabilitating walk away free
While I suffer insideҐbeing born in the wrong place
At the wrong time is the only thing that I ever did wrong" [x2]
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Blown Away Lyrics

Tracenine – Blown Away Lyrics