Make your move on me. queen of confusion
With open arms I await
Let me feel your love upon me
Your arms around me
You called my name at the darkest of moments
And gave me a will of my own

I'll keep you locked away
I'll keep you for me

You are my mistress. I am your slave
Alliance eternal. together we exist
Silence of mind I could not bare
Without your voice I'll go insane

Keep me safe. keep me sane

My headechoes your now silent words
In white sheets I lay. silent and pale
Our love was true. our love was pure
Did it mean nothing to you
You kept me safe. you kept me sane
And took it all away

You left me all alone
To the mercy of the world

Keep me safe. keep me sane
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In Love With Insanity Lyrics

Tracedawn – In Love With Insanity Lyrics