Another ultimatum from the powers that be
And what I’m hearing scares the hell out of me
It’s all about correctness in the Land of the Free
I gotta tell you I’m sick of PC
Sick of PC
Cuz it’s eating away at my Country

The politicans tell us that they’re taking the reins
De-educating us and pickling our brains
Once we’re broken and we’re all just the same
The vote is stolen and we’re living in chains
I’m Sick of PC
Cuz it’s rotting away our Country.

There’d better be a wake-up call before it’s too late
The Country’s taken and we’ve sealed our fate
There’s got to be a message from the Land of the Free
We’re just not going to take it and we’re
Sick of PC
Sick o PC
Cuz it’s eating away our Country
It’s rotting away our freedom
They’re stealing away my Country
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Sick Of PC Lyrics

Trace Weller – Sick Of PC Lyrics