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Asshole Lyrics

Trace Adkins – Asshole Lyrics

I don't care if you're from Texas
It might surprise you to know
And I don't care if your great-great granddaddy
Was a Confederate hero
And I don't care if you're from Hollywood
Just as enlightened as you can be
You're still an asshole to me

I don't care if you quit drinking
And go to meetings twice a week
You say you've found your higher power
You're so clean now and you're sweet
Now that you're clear and sober
It sure is sad to see
That you're still an asshole to me

You can put an asshole through Harvard
Sit him behind the wheel of a shiny Corvette
And ship him off to charm school
What do you get?
You get a rich (rich)
Charming (charming)

And you say you love your mama
Well that's good, good for you
It wouldn't surprise me to learn
That she's an asshole too
I don't care if you're a judge
On some singing show on NBC
You're still an asshole
You're still an asshole
Like me
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