All my dreams became reality
From the first day that our love came to be
And all the pain disappeared from sight
I want you more and more
I need you day and night

Then Came You
Then Came You

There was no time when not a day was hard to face
Cause in my heart there was an empty space
A feeling of needing someone here next to me
How could you tell girl, how could you see
That I had waited for a girl like you
To give me the love that I never knew
You took me by the hand and made me understand
You wanted me to be your only man

Then came you
All my dreams became reality, then came you
From the first day that our love came to be, then came you
All of the pain disappeared from sight, then came you
I want you more and more
I need you day and night, then came you

You know baby
Instead of a false love
You were my only true love

There's just so much more that I want to say
Sometimes emotions get in the way
You can be sure your heart is safe in my hands
I ask no questions, I make no demands
Just come along with me and baby you will see
That this is the way love's supposed to be
All these words I say are true
My life was empty girl, then came you

Chorus (2x)

Man I've had it up to here and I'm fed up
I search here and there, yo don't let up
Mama told me there'd be days like this
You put your love on the line and like to take risks
Colorblind, trying to find a new heart
My hearts broken and drained, you need a jumpstart
Looking for love, a love so true
My life was empty and then came you

Girl my life was empty
You know that much was true
And I was searching for true love
Then came you

Chorus (2x)
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Then Came You Lyrics

T.P.E. – Then Came You Lyrics

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