I can feel summer at last from the heat
In the red-brick city
The evening light pulls a veil of linen
Over the night time
Life's a gas
Will I walk there again
In the sleeping Vale of Evesham
Lies a shady town
In market garden land
The abbey, demonic and provoking
I have laid across it's stones

The back street pub where Bowie sang
"Is there life on Mars"
While the boys in the back room pumped
Heroin into their veins (oh 73)
The girls, my friends
Determined not to succeed
Pregnant by unknown fathers by fourteen
Mocked me my ambition
The tramp we thought we killed
Had us running scared deeper into night
From fight to fight

The transport cafe from which we'd steal
Our golden dreams
So few survived and those who have, have disappeared
Just flowers on their graves

Born with broken hearts yes,
Thank you world for my crucufied icons
Lovers of the impossible dream
T. V. 's suicides, mass sacrifice
We're just buzzing in the hive
Born with broken hearts.
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Vale Of Evesham Lyrics

Toyah – Vale Of Evesham Lyrics

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