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Can't Win Lyrics

Toxic Audio – Can't Win Lyrics

There comes a time to take stock
Of what i have
And what i have not
Am i living at the top
Or do i gotta put the toll in the slot cause my fast lane's stopped

Surrounded by my T.V.
Got my DVD playing on my wide-screen
Positively Bruno Mali
Win Lose Draw-Jeopardy

You can't win if you don't play
Ed and Dick better come quick before my dreams all fade away
You can't win if you don't play
Then again you might not ever win anyway

To many chefs in my pot
Tell me what i am
Tell me what i'm not
While the clock on the wall goes tick tick tock
The big ball in Times Square drops

Can' take it seriously
Grown up but don't know what i wanna be
Should i try to raise a family? (What? Are You Crazy!?)
Maybe...Gotta be P.C.

(Repeat Chorus)

Things are never quite as they seam
When you're running in circles trying to chase your dreams
Whoever thought it would go by so fast.
I'm taking it now cuz it's not gonna last
Gotta go

(Gratuitous Breakdown)

(Repeat Chorus)
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