Lock your door lady or I'll jump in your car
I know you know how nasty we are
Poke out your eyeballs and make you a scar
Make you have to walk real far
Mess up your hair-do and sit on your face
Scatter your make-up all over the place
Take all your money and kidnap your kids
Take all your money and buy me some lids

And I'll call up your husband, tell him you're dead
Take out your tonsils and make you give head
Put all o' the air out of all your tyres
Take out your molars with needle-nose pliers
Make you do everything you don't wanna do
Buy me some earthworms, smear 'em on you
Put your fat head in a rusty ol' vice
Yeah, wouldn't that be nice?
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Wouldn't That Be Nice Lyrics

Townes Van Zandt – Wouldn't That Be Nice Lyrics

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