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Revenant Lyrics

Towers – Revenant Lyrics

I try to see the world without its atmosphere
Try taking everything for what its not
There's been war since, the dawn of humanity
We have watched the sky aflame
Our decision is the price to pay
We have let down all of man
& so the end becomes our streets filled with the dead
We created the virus,
We spread it onto ourselves
There is no end

Why have we been blinded
Why didnt we see this coming
Rabid forces move in order to infect the earth
There is nothing left but the stench of death that plauges our world

But we,
But we will always fight for our lives
We will not be left to be the last of our kind
We can only fight for so long
This house will be my grave,
Be my grave

The mobb begins to move towards me
It only took days to destroy
What we have created
There is no sane man alive
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