Am I a fool
To still love you girl
After all the needless changes
We been through
Though I’m trying to do my best
Still you put me to the test
And it makes me
Kinda wonder
Am I fool

Am I a fool sugar
To still love you now
That's the question
I keep asking
But when you’re close to me
It feels so heavenly
That I tell myself
I can’t let you go no no no no

Am I fool sugar
To still love you you top you
Oh no

Am I a fool
I’m crazy about your love but should I still love you now
Hey no baby
Sugar yeah yeah
Sugar yeah yeah oh no
Just so I'll know
That the feelings still shows
I'm caught out
In a web of unknown

Am I a fool
Just a fool girl
To still love you crazy baby
Am I a fool
Am I a fool baby girl to still love you
Am I fool
I'm crazy about you baby
I love you sac and very day
But I'm a fool for you now
Am I a fool
Oh just a fool yeah yeah
But I still love love love love you
Oh no no
Am I a fool
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Am I A Fool Lyrics

Tower Of Power – Am I A Fool Lyrics