I Didn't Come Here To Talk You Out Of Comin' Home With Me Tonight... But Girl You've Got To Watch Out For The Girl Out For The Guys Like Me... Tonight!!!!

And Can We Get The Feel, Under These Burning Lights... But Only If It Feels Right. If We Joined At The Lips, Oh No! Just For The Afternoon we're sinking these ships baby

It's Just Me And You All Alone In This Cold, Dark, Crowded Room. (This Crowded Room For 2) I'll Say This Twice... No, No, wait no!!! So Sweet With Words (A Negotiator)...

Girl I'm just A smoothe operator!

Shut Your Mouth Girl, don't Say Another Word... The Scent Of You Is On Every Boy In This World
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Sinking Ships Lyrics

Touch Response – Sinking Ships Lyrics

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