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Truth Or Dare (Interlude) Lyrics

Total – Truth Or Dare (Interlude) Lyrics

Girls Laughing
Keisha: "Alright so I'ma start it off"
Keisha: "Kema,truth or dare?"
Kema: "UM truth"

Background music Total:
Baby, my darling baby
I want to know what turns you on
And it's so crazy
I'll be amazing
I wonder if I take you home
What you gon do to me?

Keisha: "UM Is it true when you wake up in the morning your panties be crusty?"
Kema: "Hell no"
Background girls laughing and talking
Keisha: "Alright your go, your go"
Kema: "Okay now P what you want"
Pam: "I'ma go with the dare"
Kema: "Dare? Oh you messing with me girl?"
Pam: "Im going with the dare"
Kema: "I say 12 o'clock tonight you go outside butt naked, and just run down the
Street a whole block, no matter what"
Pam: "What time is it?"
Kema: "Its about quater to, so get ready girl"
Girls laughing
Phone ringing
Kema: "Hello"
Girl: "Yo who,Kema?"
Kema: "Yeah what's up?"
Girl: "Nothing what's up babe what yall doing?"
Kema: "I thought you was comming over"
Girl: "Yeah what yall doing I'm on my way"
Kema: "We Playing truth or dare."
Girl: "Yo come on man without me?"
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