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Don Queen (Don Q Diss) Lyrics

Tory Lanez – Don Queen (Don Q Diss) Lyrics

[Skit: Nicki Minaj & Funkmaster Flex]
—Don't gotta do that
And Don Q together
Who’s that?
Yeah, yeah, because they was—they...
Who's that?

Yo, we only doin' this shit once
It get real frightening, you know?
I get real disrespectful when niggas get neglectful of what we do over here
Highbridge stand the fuck up, yeah

Uh, live from the DM, I’m hollerin' at your BM
We discussin' which color casket you 'bout to leave in
I did this shit for no reason, I'm lettin' rookies battle
But how did I get in this battle with A Boogie's shadow?
Big Apple, New York City, more to pity
How could I beef with a dude only poppin' in four cities?
I made Forbes with Diddys and sat top floors with 50s
And now I’m fully open, I play the bully on ’em
Call for your squad, you rest, you get decimated
You lookin' like a Styles P nephew that never made it
Forever hated on niggas like Boogie and me
’Cause we was poppin' in New York and every hood that you see
The day you beat me will be the day you see see
HOT 97 feedin' you more lovin' than they feed me
Don’t let these niggas gas you on that podcast and CC
Highbridge, the Label, but only one of y'all on TV
Only one of y'all'll see awards and eat with the stars
It ain't really hard to figure out who I'm speakin' up for
Now that my foot and knee in the door, let's talk about it, no walkin' out it
We 'bout to see Le'Quincy body with the chalk around it
I got the full baggage
You drive a Jeep Wrangler, the basic edition, shit ain't even the full package
Someone tell Quincy I turn beef into mince meat
Hottest of the century, why did he go up against me?
I show niggas love and hatred niggas wanna throw back
He tempted me but never had this energy for Kodak
You paid DreamDoll for a feature to get the pussy
And somehow you think you fuckin' with me
The first night I seen DreamDoll I fucked her for free
And now you walk around like somehow you got one up on me
Nigga please, this your brother part
This nigga found Soulja Boy's Gucci headband and wore it in his cover art
Why battle with A Boogie's shadow?
Why battle with A Boogie's shadow?
He ain't even a chapter, he ain't even a factor
QP and Bubba touchin' way more money than him, they ain't even the rappers
It hurts when you kill a nigga you love
Ironic that the salt thrown from the niggas that's slugs
Chewin' these niggas with no ingestion
I got a real message for my brother Quincy, my nigga, it's time to go get tested
It's a couple hoes in Starlets I know you infected
You really out here fuckin' raw with a scrotum infection
And what's worse is you know it, still you go unprotected
You need to focus on a hit, need to go get a record
See you can find a Don Q in the ho nigga section
Go get injected with whatever medicine you need to clear up
'Cause them pills ain't workin' for every time it flare up
Yuck, I'ma let you breathe on that
I'm really beggin' that you think about your physical health
You'll never see your fuckin' album on a physical shelf
I'll beat your ass, whip your kid with the belt
You never flipped it to sell
You're not a hustler, your daddy was a customer
I got the info from your baby mama playin' nympho
You drive a foreign but them 25 hundred dollar hosts ain't enough for you to pay those rentals
You a shameless mental, well my aim is mental, fuck it
My whole mood I showed y'all fuck it
My dick, I done told y'all suck it
I'll punch your fat ass in your stomach
And make everything in it go up it
You wrote a tape for your nigga that died
You made a promise it would pop and that the shit would be live
Hurts that you had to tell my nigga a lie
'Cause that mixtape flopped and so did your other five
Put the gun aside, my nigga, you ain't the one to shoot
Big guns, nigga, you got locked for a 22
Pussy gotta keep a gun on his waist
'Cause you lil' niggas scared to get punched in your face
Jada said it best, Quincy made his bed to rest
Invest in a better vest
Better for my case, these bullets rather hit your head than chest
Quit actin' like you the mob
You tryna play Gianni
But you got ran out of Amazura and Avianne
The Bridge is over, The Bridge is over
I got an extra long clip that'll hit your soldiers
My hand shoot like shampoo hit his head and shoulders
I'll send his nine year old a Barbie just to send condolence
Uh, not the money on the head
40 minutes on stage can put a hundred on his head
I made so much millis and hundreds of this bread
I can have the whole Highbridge comin' for his head
Top floor, Glock's stocked in the top drawer by the 38
Bound to bring Le'Quincy Anderson up to the pearly gates
Your daughter just came from turnin' eight
And takin' L's right in front of her is what you tryna perpetrate?
All this blood make me regurgitate
Don't let my Bronx niggas move and have to boost up the murder rate
But since we're goin' here, I'll let you know I'm here
'Cause this record right here's 'bout to give you more shine than A Boogie ever gave you in your whole career
I spit fire, you from the east side of the Bronx, you just a Highbridge dick-rider
You mad at my nigga Mula 'cause his shit hotter
I know how it feels
Nah, I'm lyin', I don't know how it feels
I just know that everywhere I go a nigga know I'm s'posed to be real
And I don't know how exposin' me feel, fuck nigga

Just to keep it real, I'm only doin' this shit with you once
You know, I.... I hope, I hope you enjoyed this shit though
I hope, I hope you take this as a blessing, you know?
This, this is a lot of pay-per-view time you're gettin' right now
I know you not used to this, you a little frightened
But it's okay, my son, you know I still fuck with you, nigga
And you know, I mean, at least off of this, at least the celebrities might know your name now, you know?
Like... I hope I did that for you
Oh, in other words too, you wild ugly, nigga
Wild fuckin' ugly, nigga
You wild ugly, nigga
Fuck outta here
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