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Enter The Chamber Lyrics

Torture – Enter The Chamber Lyrics

I look out my window
And all that I see
Are the remains of what used to be
The distant black clouds
Seem so far away
I begin to wonder
Could this be the day?
Is there anything left for me
Any more, any more?

Forever lost in time
Staring out the cold doors
The chant of the thunder
Grows so near, escape to the light
Soon there will be nothing
Left for you here
And the earth that was heaven
Has turned into hell

It's a storm alert

You try to run, but can't
You see it's only waiting for you
Approaching closer to the end
It's defcon 1 so why do you laugh
When you can't see the sun?
The end of the world has just begun

It's a storm alert

Praying in the shadows
Awaiting genocide
Solitary nightmare
Fighting to decide
You wait for the battle cry
Now is your time to die
Too late the holocaust is in the sky

The dust is settled
Your memory drains
Your soul's been shattered
The sad remains
To be forgotten
Forever in mind
The ones that you've loved
Have left you behind
Remember the good times
And hold your head high
Kiss the earth farewell
Cause you're the last to die
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