If my heart was to stop
Bet the streets won't let me down
Tried to tell a nigger …they know I... show me
The life not promise to know me
If my heart was to stop
Bet the streets won't let me down

I hope I'll go to heaven but I'll probably go to hell
Cause I am a piece of shity it ain't hard to fucking tell
Where do I begin Lord forgive me for my sins
Trying to be positive but positive ain't where I live
This black …happy things ain't working
... got you motivate as you serve a purpose
Everybody ain't your friend
Everybody ain't gonna ride
Ain't nobody perfect king
Ain't no perfect time to die
Why... why... why they took …
Why now when this time is going... why me?
Ain't no fears no more tears just stay on your ground
Nobody makes it out of life alive

Now put yourself in my position before you criticize
I ain't trying to minimize picture that shit it ain't right
That's life some... some gotta go get it
Because of... catch your sentence
Even you do it do it... it won't matter
… be the... in the bucket and clap about it
Is death before sign I know death's around the corner
... niggers call paying duce like the niggas on the street know
Believe that I'm gonna serve till it finished... till... my legacy …

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My Eulogy Lyrics

Torch – My Eulogy Lyrics