Went from handcuffin hoes, to just fuckin the bitches haha

Lil' Chris, yeah, check it out though

Now I'm suited and booted, it's just another hot day

Rollin around on a Brougham mackin to this bitch' way

Who I been tryin ta fuck since the ninth grade

Now she's on the phone cos she knows a nigga's paid

The big payoff, I'm bout to pay this bitch back

Get her fucked up and then I'ma kill her cat from the back

Cos I be showin no mercy to the c***

I'm bout to raid this motherfucker like it was a spot

So I tell a bitch, " Meet me at the mall

I be in the cut, callin???? Where they're sllin basketball"

So I meet fate, ain't even no competition

I'm already fuckin his bitch on the flo' in the kitchen

When it comes to the pussy like Michael (ooh yeah) I'm Bad

The bitch was cool, I know the c*** was mad

She said " There is it cool?", yeah baby don't trip no doubt

Then I told the bitch (Beeitch) get the fuck out!


We don't love em', we don't need em'

We don't love em', we don't need em'

We don't love em', we don't need em'

" Break your shit and get up"


I gets a page from the homegirl Yvonne

Not just a homegirl but a freak in heat, like the sun

I want to call her off so I axed " What's poppin?

She want me to come over and have her fuckin room locked

It's like a track, nigga cos I run a race to the ho

But before I fucked her axed the bitch for some doe

So she paid me (I fucked her), then she laid me (I stuck her)

When she touched my ass (Mistake that bitch for a buster)

It happened so fast, don't remember what I saw

Bitch in the kitchen holdin an icepad on her drawers

My fault, y'know how it gets in that situation

Playin with these bitch' minds like some Playstation

I heard the do' knocked then I looked at the ho

A nigga bout 7 feet, standin in the do'

So I threw the bitch across and cold knocked his ass out

Then I slid on my shit and I was out that bitch house


It's '9-9, that's the way I see these hoes

I'm not buyin dem jewelery and brand new clothes

Fuck the dumb shit, it's time to get rich

And later on get a woman I wouldn't call a bitch

But for now, that's what I'm livin for

And favorite words to a bitch, is " fuck a ho!"

But once again it's on with this bitch named Miss dick

Holdin nuts in her mouth like some fuckin biscuits

Cos she say they melt in her mouth, not in her hand

That's the type of shit that makes me a one-night-stand man

Be bouncin on the c***, like I'm on switches

Huffin and puffin, fuckin and diggin up ditches

Girl went outta town, she went down south

In a town of unzipped jeans and dicks in her mouth

That's the shit I love to do everyday with a bitch

Fuck, get paid, then have em' dismissed

Chorus (x2)
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We Don't Love Em' Lyrics

Top Dogg – We Don't Love Em' Lyrics