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Comin' Home Lyrics

Toothpick – Comin' Home Lyrics

My brother said the highs ain't that high the lows ain't that low
My sail's at half-mast but at least it still blows
I see the glass half empty, I'm flat broke
But it's half full, I've got the punchlines but no jokes
I'm a bird without wings, a voice that can't sing
Last man on the bench about to be the captain of the team

So let's lean on each other like I lean on my brother
We both stare at the snow and daydream about summer
What's the color of love, it's the color of blood
My words sprung a leak slowly starting to flood
Now I shoot for the stars on the wings of a dove
But here come the dark clouds

So let the rain fall but I won't stop
Let the wind blow me down, I get back up
Remember back in the day it was all love
Feels good to be home again, comin' home again
Take my tears but I still cry
You can shoot me down but I still fly
I took a long ride, now I know why
It feels good to be home again, comin' home again
Comin' home again

Now sister I need you, you need me
Now shh don't be scared that's how it's supposed to be
It's just people being people
Good versus evil is the division in life
'Cause we're all created equal
And my humble army will rise from the ash
Darkness won't last, yes this to shall pass
The nature of man is to not understand
And I can't so I fly by the seat of my pants
And I land where I am just by chance
And soak up the indifference of those who have lost what was good
And I'm filled to the brim with the lessons of sin
Now here come the dark clouds

If you want to go back to the beginning
Then count me out, yellow sticky pad notes all around my house
Trying to remind myself about who I used to be
How I got away from that and now I'm free
It's not supposed to be so difficult, it just is
So I look at my surroundings and check out who I'm with
And it should be all about friends but sometimes it's not
And here come the dark clouds
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