Get up on my level, that's unlikely
Get up on my level that's unlikely

[Chorus: x2]
Can't nobody do it quite like me
Get up on my level, that's unlikely
Can't nodody do it quite like I
Keep a fat stack, and I stay fly

[Too Much:]
I'm laid back, sunk in the seat
Hands stuck on a drink, rollin ten cars deep
With Doin My Thang Volume 1 on repeat
What they gone do when volume two hit the streets
Better brace yourself, better clean the lane
Cause fasho, we stuntin like no wings on the plane
It's goin down, down, believe that nigga
She feelin my swag, I make her wanna leave that nigga
These fly honeys don't know my face
But they hear my name like the O.J case
They know what I'm reppin
Chain swangin while I'm 2 steppin, man I'm on that syrup like it's breakfast
Parkin lot pimpin, we lookin like christmas
Shinin so bright, no thanks to the light
You gotta be with it if you rollin with us
Lowz hit song beatin in your trunk

[Chorus x2]

Weak ass niggas go hard or go home
Chain hangin low, 2 steppin with patrone
Super fly nigga, so I make fly boy shit
Bonafide niggas need a bonafide, bitch
Yellow mommy, yellow diamonds ridin in a porsche
High as fuck, shit I'm flyin with the storks
Duffle bag filled with cash, goin so fast
Blame it on the coupe, yeah I'm hangin out the roof
I'm so I'll, I'm so real
My heads in the sky like I yopped a pill
Like ice in a cooler, I just chill
Shorty do magic and I copperfield
We goin, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb with no accommodation
Shorty give me face lift with no hesitation
Party like a rockstar, throwin up paper
You gotta be with it if you roll in my scraper

[Chorus x2]

[D Weezy:]
Party tonight, bout to cop a fit
But that's when yaw niggas cop a fit
Haha, the chain match the kicks
Haters be like, ain't that some shit
If I see your chick
You better cuff her, I might snatch the bitch
I might smash the bitch
Get her to the crib, let her have the dick
Next night same flight
New club, new fit, new chain, shine bright
It's clear that a boss is near
So when you see me, jus proceed in fear
But, that ain't why I'm here
I came to celebrate, put your cups in the air
Drunk now, niggas fallin everywhere
I'm on the dance floor, balls out I don't care

[Chorus x4]
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Stay Fly Lyrics

Too Much On The Beat – Stay Fly Lyrics